Tyler Ehrig

Harbor Beach Marriott


Harbor Beach Marriott Creative Campaign

The Problem
Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa is located on a 16-acre private beach near Fort Lauderdale. While undergoing physical renovations to modernize spaces to meet guest needs, it was clear they also needed a messaging and identity overhaul to align with the new hotel look and positioning.

The Solution
To bring the hotel’s new positioning to life, I was challenged to develop a creative campaign which leverages the Marriott brand, but dials up the supporting features and benefits that are unique to the hotel. This campaign appeals to the senses of a sophisticated audience through emotional, experiential executions with strong visuals to transport the audience to the warm, sunny and relaxing destination.


Hotel Positioning

Warm, welcoming and inviting. It’s much more than a destination, it’s a lifestyle. Take a break from the ordinary.