Tyler Ehrig

Cat's Pride


Cat’s Pride Brand Refresh Ideation

The Problem
Cat’s pride worked independently with their packaging agency to create a refreshed line of product packaging. With the release of this packaging update quickly approaching, how its update impacted the overall brand and messaging, had yet to be considered. They turned to our team to help them quickly build a concept that would align their philanthropic spirit with their new brand and packaging.

The Solution
The team and I set out to develop inspiring concepts that not only drove awareness of the new packaging and logo, but seized on the opportunity to realign the brand as a whole and convey the real life impact the company’s donations had nationwide in their efforts to provide a better life and more forever homes for America’s shelter cats. We started each concept by thinking about and asking the big question: What if?



Concept one

What if we highlight how easy it is to do good?

Every time you fill your litter box with the best-performing lightweight litter, you're also filling the litter boxes in animal welfare organizations and helping to care for shelter cats. So from the cat in your home to the cats that need homes, Cat’s Pride® makes loving cats easy.


Concept two

What if we celebrate our progress on the way?

A BIG goal is made up of many milestones! Lets celebrate the ones we've already hit while looking down the road to future goals. So whether our litter donations help cover the cost of 1 vaccine or 50,000, every time you buy a Green Jug, you'll get us one step down the road to 20 million pounds.


Concept three

What if we peek into all the good we have done?

Cat’s Pride® doesn’t just tell you how you’re helping – we give you a first hand look at who you’re helping. The cats you’re helping to support while they wait for their forever homes. The shelters who can do even more for their animals when they don’t have to worry about stocking up on litter. When you choose Cat’s Pride®, you can see the difference.


Concept Four

What if we team up for good?

Cat's Pride® is the litter that cats love as much as their owners. It's also the litter that supports shelters in all the amazing work that they do. Every time you team up with your cat and choose the litter with a heart, you’ll find features you both love alongside a cause you both care about. Cat's Pride® is made for Cat People.